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Are Nostradamus’ Prophecies Valid?

Dr. Grant C. Richison

Nostradamus leaned heavily on occult divination and horoscopes. He framed many of his prophecies in general and vague terminology so that they can apply to any range of interpretations. This does not measure up to the standards of prophecy set forth in Scripture.

God has never had an afterthought. He has never been surprised. He has never had to change his mind. Consider the majesty of God’s plan for mankind, and how He not only humbled Himself to the point of giving His one and only Son to die for your sins and mine, but that He told the world about these plans hundreds of years before they would be fulfilled. In the Bible some 70 major prophesies describe the coming of Christ in staggering detail.

Only one Man in all of recorded history could possibly fulfill all those specific requirements. According to historian Peter Stoner, the chance that any one man could fulfill just the eight most significant prophesies alone is one in 1017. That’s 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. It’s equivalent to a blindfolded person finding one marked silver dollar in a pile covering the state of Texas to a depth of two feet! The chance that any one person could fulfill 48 of the prophesies is one in 10157 (one followed by 157 zeros).

And that’s just the prophecies of the first birth of Christ! No book in history has ever approached the number of fulfilled prophecies found in the Bible. In contrast to the vague generalities of Nostradamus, the prophecies of the Bible are specific and concrete. According to Randi, of Nostradamus’ 104 verifiable predictions where he named a time, place or person, he was wrong on 103 times.

This is a terrible time to seize upon this horrible situation to hoodwink others. The Bible, however, does not mislead or distort. It tells the bald, unvarnished truth. You can trust God’s Word to tell you the truth about Heaven and how to get there. The message is simple so that all may embrace it for themselves:

1) I fall short of God’s standard of righteousness,

2) Jesus paid for my shortcoming in relation to God,

3) If I trust Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for my personal sins, He gives me eternal life.

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