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Biblical Epistemology


Thesis — Ultimate Truth can only be attained if a special revelation from God be granted.

Converts from one world-view to another are seldom made by demonstrating one philosophy is more coherent than all others.

Coherence is relative to the assumption adhered to.

All Philosophical systems begin with postulates of some kind.

Man’s natural reason is subject to certain limitations. Man is in no position to understand what the biblical option is.

Man is not self-sufficient, so it is of no use to present him with options as if he were.

Christianity is the most coherent world-view If the assumption of special revelation be granted.

Authority of Revelation is made known supernaturally, not naturally.

It is God the Holy Spirit who changes it from a dead option to a living reality. In the last analysis, our message is self-Authenticating!

Every world-view is experiential, that which enters the conscious life.

The Christian world-view begins with a vital experience. This experience is Not grounded in the natural order, but in God Himself working through the Holy Spirit. God first takes the initiative to reveal Himself. Therefore, Human reason apart from the work of the Holy Spirit is unable to bring a person to God. No man comes independently to God.

We must distinguish between Reason and Rationalism.

Reason: Intellectual faculty -objective logic (Aristotle) can help to attain ultimate truth.

Rationalism: Reason unaided by the revelation of God. They believe that they can attain ultimate reality but in fact not possible.

Rationalism is subjective, for the individual is the authority. There are as many rationalistic systems as there are rationalists themselves.

Rationalism does not examine the claims of revelation but begins by setting up categories which would preclude its possibility.

In Christianity, Faith and Reason are not separated but are related in proper order.

Evidence confirms the faith. We believe in order to understand. Only God can speak for God.

Therefore, man is Epistemologically under the absolute control of God.