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Live-Streaming Requirements and Process


Requirements for Live-Streaming Conference


  1. A gathering of pastors or students.
  2. Good internet connection.
  3. Computer or smartphone
  4. A projector is preferable so that larger groups can see illustration on a whiteboard, PowerPoint, or other devices. In some locations it is possible to rent a projector.
  5. I do not have resources to provide financial help for the conference.
  6. If a group does not have a projector or computer (for a small group), then participants may use smartphones and stay in their locations.


Step-by-Step Process for joining a live conferences:

(Pastor Conferences; College or Seminary Class)


  1. Receive an email from Grant with an invitation to join a live-streaming conference.
  2. Click on the yellow hyperlink. 
  3. Wait for the small Zoom app to download.
  4. Click on Zoom app.
  5. Place your name and email in the app then click to enter the live conference.